Maeztu and England

‘Ramiro de Maeztu and England’. Tamesis Books (imprint of Boydell & Brewer). 2016.

Description: «Ramiro de Maeztu was one of the most influential Spanish intellectuals of the early twentieth century, as well as the first foreign correspondent for the Spanish press to be based in London. This book argues for the importance that his relationship with England had on both his intellectual trajectory and on the culture and politics of Spain during this time. Particular attention is devoted to Maeztu’s London period (1905-1919), which provides a fascinating insight into how Spaniards of the time perceived not just Britain but Western Europe as a whole. Against prevailing interpretations, this book argues that Maeztu’s conservative evolution, and his growing Catholicism and Spanish nationalism, were a direct result of his immersion in Edwardian currents of thought. This in turn casts new light on the influence that Britain exerted over Spain during this period, and provides fresh insights into the cultural dynamics which led to the Spanish Civil War.»

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